#39 It’s All Just a Masquerade, so let’s Go to Hex


It’s our Thanksgiving Crossover Special…. we welcome you to our Family Chaos.

Who is the Chandler Bing of the group? We explain to Bookworm why not to eat eggs from a special island. And you better expect some singing. We decide that Nora the Masquerade dog needs a special friend. We ask what the picture of facebook looks like. Odious has a dream… in the field. We try to get Odious to go to the hospital for his semi-severed toe. Shaun Kingston… the famous sock maker. Wallace shows up for a visit, and gets shagged. We introduce The Masquerade crew to Fist Bump City. Can the TMNT overpower Superman? And Odious almost gets tasered. Plus we discuss the James Bond formula.

Then sit back and listen to a non-nerd try to explain the Captain America: Cival War trailer upon first viewing. And we make sure it is known that the Human Torch is NOT pyro. And someone falls asleep… and gets a dick drawn on their neck. Classic.

Music: Like A Loser – The Detour

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