#44 Killing For Cheese


We break right into conversation as we discover Odious has a dream. And we start planning to make that dream a reality. Then he admits that he wants to just stare at one guy…. maybe it could be you? And then per his request he wants us to break odd porn films. And we kindly let him test out a little of his comedy act on the show. Then Odious brings up how he won a fight against us ONE freaking time… but remember, in his mind now he has beaten us in every battle… cause he loves his ego and thinking he is the greatest fighter there is. And then we list off what we think his tour would be called.

Music: “All My Joke Suicide” by Neowax

#43 The Diva Cup


Odious explains Hoes before Bros. We talk about shitty customers when working food joints, the power of the 3-D and we add more details to our Aztek Mission. The guys open up gifts from Bumble and it sparks many questions…. like what the fuck is a DivaCup? And does Odious use it to beat off with? Or does he give it to his lady for Christmas? Then we briefly explain why dudes what to find out if gay dudes think they are attractive, and we explain the risk/reward of choosing your dick getting sucked on or having it chopped off.

Music: “Blunts” by Mike O’Cull


#42 Merry Dicksmas


In our very somber holiday special we talk about whatever the fuck Waterpets are. Odious tries to convince us that he has build a 4 story tall tree house by himself; and we doubt him completly because the poor kid can hardly staple paper together. So we challenged him… and apparently if we get enough wood he is going to build us one. Then he brings up the worst christmas thing one can say around the holidays… sorry guys, but we try and lighten the mood. And we then wrap up the show with 35 odd christmas rituals… while somebody makes terrible terrible “jokes” about other countries.

#41 Classic Number Ten


We analyse Beenies and homelessness and remember to stay Slow in the Snow. Then we ask for a 3 man (or woman) Camera Crew to assist us with a project, Odious critiques Bumbles outfit and we talk about how genius it is to give 20% and still get paid the same! Someone tries to start a new term called Swifting. We have lots of ideas for a upcoming youtube segment… and we hope to find a Hermaphrodite to test a ongoing question for us.

Background Music by: pk jazz collection

#40 The GTH Antique Road Show


We go on the road… for the Antiques Road Show!

Come learn about antiques with some odd sellers as we value their items:

Nancy Tesla: A Time-Phone

Andrew Cobblepot: 1860’s Hog’slong Cane

Real-Man Daniel: Six Gun’s (Ryce Krispy) Hat

Odious: the Treebranch from the beginning of Time around 0BCE

Johnny Bean: Robotic Penis Shoe

One-eyed Career Changing Pirate Pilot: The Clawburn Hook

Portland Skipper: Charlie Chaplin’s Bike Replica

Blue: A precious and priceless Diamond


#39 It’s All Just a Masquerade, so let’s Go to Hex


It’s our Thanksgiving Crossover Special…. we welcome you to our Family Chaos.

Who is the Chandler Bing of the group? We explain to Bookworm why not to eat eggs from a special island. And you better expect some singing. We decide that Nora the Masquerade dog needs a special friend. We ask what the picture of facebook looks like. Odious has a dream… in the field. We try to get Odious to go to the hospital for his semi-severed toe. Shaun Kingston… the famous sock maker. Wallace shows up for a visit, and gets shagged. We introduce The Masquerade crew to Fist Bump City. Can the TMNT overpower Superman? And Odious almost gets tasered. Plus we discuss the James Bond formula.

Then sit back and listen to a non-nerd try to explain the Captain America: Cival War trailer upon first viewing. And we make sure it is known that the Human Torch is NOT pyro. And someone falls asleep… and gets a dick drawn on their neck. Classic.

Music: Like A Loser – The Detour

#38 If Their Real Odiots


We have a very special guest join us at Perkins and Bumble sets a Commercial Challenge. We talk ghetto cars before Odious teaches Ebonics. We explain a car accident that two of us were in the same day as the pod was recorded. Then learn about sexy play-places as people start removing cloths. Bumble and Jitters talk about possibly doing another pod together in the near future. Odious talks about drugging us. We learn what skeeting is before Odious throws a fit cause he wants to go home… but he IS a pussy afterall. And we figure out what to call Odious’s fan-club members! Plus find out what happens when bumble walks away for a few minutes….

Music: “All I Do is Wild” by Young Tudda